Solent Technologies

Revolutionizing pension management platforms via technology solutions based on research by global thought leaders. Empowering industry to enrich users’ decision making process.



Solent Technologies is a cloud based financial software company, empowering the financial services sector to enrich user journeys via data-driven choices, and assisting users reaching pension objectives. Solent brings together and simplifies complex research, data science and cutting-edge technology.

Perfect Contribution and Withdrawal Rate

Transforming Pension Management

Solent has developed unique algorithms and platform, based on rigorous research from global thought leaders, to identify with the perfect pension contribution and withdrawal rates for users, based on their individual preferences and circumstances. This game changing solution is adaptive and simple for varying user needs. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your organization to benefit from this revolutionary solution.



Solent’s founding team includes powerhouse professors who have partnered with other reputed academics over several decades to publish significant data-science based research. This research and models derived from it are developed to create PWR and PCR algorithms.

December 2020

Perfect Withdrawal in a Noisy World: Investing Lessons with and without Annuities while in Drawdown between 2000 and 2019

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Oct 2017

Trend following value vs growth: size matters: tail risk, momentum, and trend following in international equity portfolios

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March 2016

Reducing sequence risk using trend following and the cape ratio

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March 2016

The trend is our friend: risk parity, momentum and trend following in global asset allocation

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