We are a team of global research leaders, entrepreneurs and seasoned financial service experts

Solent Technologies is a is a cloud based financial technology startup, building solutions which helps its users make data-driven decisions and assisting to reach their long-term pension management objectives. A brainchild of Professors Andrew Clare and Steve Thomas of the Bayes Business school (formerly Cass), City, University of London and Roderick Collins; Solent Technologies is already in development of PWR and PCR solutions.

Solent has identified several rules-based approaches, with no human judgmental intervention, which may be characterized as “clever passive”. The entire Solent methodology is “glass box” not “black box”, i.e. it is transparent and explained in detail in the peer reviewed papers to be found in the academic research tab.

Solent Technologies - The Journey

2011 - 2021

Data science based research


Development of PWR and PCR Solutions

Our Vision

Empower & Enrich user journeys across their pension planning via simple, easy to use and adaptive algorithms, based in decades of research.

Founding Team

Roderick Collins

Professor Andrew Clare

Professor Steve Thomas

Farrukh Mian

M. Tofiq Qureshi