Why Solent Technologies

Solution shows how the relatively new concept of Perfect Withdrawal Rate and Perfect Contribution Rate can be used in assessing the appropriate sustainable withdrawal or contribution amounts from or to a pot of wealth. This can be applied equally to private retirement funds endowments, charities and indeed any funds requiring regular contributions or withdrawals. The subject of estimating sustainable withdrawal or contribution rates usually falls back on describing the likely minimum safe withdrawal or contribution possibilities for various portfolio constructions over different decumulation or accumulation periods

Solent Technologies is developing solutions for pension management based on decades of research by professors who are considered the global authority on this segment. Smart algorithms, based on this research work, have identified how to enable users to be able to optimize their individual pension management planning and decisions.

Perfect Withdrawal Rate

Perfect Withdrawal Rate enables users to develop multiple scenarios, based on unique individual requirements, to plan withdrawal from a pension pot. Solution seamlessly plugs into existing platforms via API connectivity.

Perfect Contribution Rate

Perfect Contribution Rate enables users to develop multiple scenarios, based on unique individual requirements, to contribute towards a target pension pot. User is able to develop multiple plans and compare these as well.

Solent as a Platform plug-in

Solent technologies works with financial services and financial technology organisations who aim to enhance their users' pension management journey. Solent provides simple, easy to understand and adaptive algorithms, which enable users to efficiently plan pension management based on unique individual scenarios and requirements.

The Solent solution has developed using academically-evidenced rules and provides an easy, plug and play, API based implementation approach. Our approach is to become part of exiting eco-system and to enrich the offering of our clients as oppose to impacting any significant technology change or effort. Clients can also, use our user interface in white-labelled packaging if they so wish. This enables a faster onboarding with availability of a complete functional suite.